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Last Chance to Comment on Green Dale Planning Application

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Saturday 14th March is the deadline for writing comments on the council’s website about the planning application to build flats on the DHFC Stadium at Champion Hill and to build a 4000 capacity football stadium on Green Dale fields. The application may then be heard at the planning committee on the 22nd April.

The developer’s and DHFC have uploaded changes to the original planning application, following months of negotiation with Southwark’s planning department. Small changes have been made to the proposed housing development but the crux of the objection remains: building a 4000 capacity football stadium (minus the clubhouse) on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) is against the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan and the Southwark Plan. All of these make it very clear that development on MOL must be ancillary to sports use (such as a changing room – not an actual stadium) and the designation of MOL means the views across the site must be kept open (which goes against the plan to build a huge tall wall around the stadium to comply with FA rules on stadium builds).

There’s also the restrictive covenants that were placed on the current stadium back in to 1990s to prevent exactly this kind of development. And the designation of “other open space” on the current stadium which also means it should not have 214 flats built on it.

Get your comments in here please.

CGI of the new, controversial Dulwich Hamlet stadium on Green Dale astro turf pitch
CGI supplied by developer

1 thought on “Last Chance to Comment on Green Dale Planning Application”

  1. This is misuse of common land. Green spaces are essential for public mental health and general well being. This site is supposed to be protected. So let’s protect it

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