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Green Dale as Southwark land


Southwark has 72 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs)

In October 2015 some new SINC sites were proposed by the council as part of the New Southwark Plan, including Green Dale

An undated map showing an altered boundary:

A FOI request to determine why the SINC site boundary was altered:

The (current) Southwark Plan

The new Southwark Plan

The Council is now reviewing the Southwark Plan and Core Strategy to prepare a local plan called the New Southwark Plan. This new plan will set out the council’s regeneration strategy from 2017 to 2033 and will also be used to make decisions on planning applications.

Southwark’s Core Strategy

The Core Strategy is part of the Development Plan along with the saved Southwark Plan (see above) and London Plan. These are the main documents used to make planning decisions and set the strategy for development in Southwark.

Southwark’s Open Space Strategy

Southwark Biodiversity Action Plan

Southwark Maps

These maps have a lot of information on them which is accessible by turning on and off the layers

Southwark’s Playing Pitch Strategy

The Lease

Southwark Council are the freeholders of the Green Dale land, including the astro turf pitch. They leased the land to DHFC for 21 years up until March 2015 when the lease ran out.

The current (March 2016) status is that Hadley have no lease of the land but have an informal agreement with Southwark that they have control of the astro turf pitch and that Southwark have control of the grassy meadow area of Green Dale. For Southwark to get the lease back they would need to prove that DHFC who lease the land have not complied with the lease in some way (we think).

In December 2018 a new lease was drawn up between Southwark Council and DHFC allowing them to use an area larger than the astro turf pitch for football and fitness.

Related documents from elsewhere on the site:

Land Registry Title Deeds

For £3 you can download the title deeds for the DHFC stadium and Green Dale. The land registry does not allow re-publication of these documents on any website so they have not been made available here. However, to get them is simple:

  • (free account required)

The title deed reference numbers are as follows:

  • LN245239 (Green Dale playing fields)
  • SGL62094 (DHFC stadium and car park land)
  • TGL57173 (path to the south of Green Dale fields)