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Documents for planning application 19/AP/1867

The planning application: 19/AP/1867

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July 2020

Hundreds of documents have been uploaded to the website, including the Officer’s Report which recommends that the plnning application go ahead.

February 2020

More documents have been uploaded to the council’s website. Minor changes have been made to the plans.

November 2019

The comments section is still open and accepting comments on this planning application. The GLA have written a response, mysteriously titled as “Directions” on the Southwark planning portal. It contains many worrying remarks:


July 2019

The new planning application to build on Green Dale and DHFC’s stadium was filed in June 2019. We have until 27th August 2019 to comment.

We have created some suggested points that you can make.



Documents have now been uploaded to Southwark’s site. They are unwieldy and often presented one page at a time. We have combined several related pdfs into one document to make reading them easier, but this is not all of the documentation by any means.. See below.

“19/AP/1867 | Redevelopment of the Dulwich Hamlet Football (Champion Hill) Stadium, including the demolition of existing buildings, and use of land at Greendale, to provide: – the erection of a new stadium with relocated playing pitch with associated floodlighting and boundary treatment, and part two-part three storey clubhouse building with sports and leisure facilities, with capacity for 4,000 spectators (Use Class D2); – the construction of a multi-use games area (MUGA) and associated boundary treatment; – the erection of a series of buildings between four and six storeys in height to provide 224 residential dwellings (89 x one bedroom, 67 x two bedroom and 68 x three bedroom), (Use Class C3); – associated car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage and access road; – creation of a new public linear park route with associated hard and soft landscaping; – the relocation of telecommunications equipment and re-provision of the substation together with plant and equipment. | DULWICH HAMLET FOOTBALL CLUB, EDGAR KAIL WAY, LONDON, SE22 8BD AND NEIGHBOURING ARTIFICIAL PITCH AT GREENDALE”

Easier to Read Documents for 19/AP/1867:

This section contains easier to read pdfs of the planning application. Ones of particular interest to the Friends of DKH Wood are asterisked. Please note: this is not all of the documents provided for this applicaiton, we haven’t had time to put them all here!