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Planning Application for Green Dale: 19/AP/1867 – ACT NOW!

Green Dale Fields under threat MOL

Following on from the failed attempt to build on parts of Green Dale and the DHFC stadium in 2016… oh and in 2000, 2011 and 2015, the property developers are back with a new planning application and a new off-shore company! Yes, Peter Bennison, formerly of Hadley Property Group and Meadow Residential has formed a new company called Healey Development Solutions (Dulwich)* and they have teamed up with local football club Dulwich Hamlet FC to put in a joint application to build 224 flats on the current stadium and a 4000 capacity stadium (minus the clubhouse) on Green Dale MOL. How this has happened is unfathomable given the way the club was treated by Meadow in the past, but hey ho there’s nowt queer as folk. Luckily this time round the club has a new Director, Ben Clasper, who has been very approachable and reasonable about the whole thing, which makes it all much friendlier than it used to be.

The timing is perfect for the developers: lots of local people are away on holiday. BUT the internet works abroad too you know so you need to write your comments TODAY as the deadline is 27th August, though comments will be accepted after this date.

The Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood object to this planning application because it is a development on protected Metropolitan Open Land.

We’ve written some suggested comments for you but it’s always best to write your own, with some planning documentation references to back your comment up.

We are also collating relevant documentation and uploading them to  our website, so you don’t have to wade through 197 documents yourself.

In summary, this is what you need to do:

If the link above does not work, please email your comment to  mentioning ref number 19/AP/1867.

Over and out.

CGI supplied by developer
Screenshot from Google Earth

*  He’s also set up Healey Development Solutions Willesden, Mill Harbour, Barnet House and Mill Hill so we would advise anyone living in those areas to watch out for any planning applications to build on Metropolitan Open Land or Green Belt.

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