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Meeting with Robert Roach

Robert Roach in DKH WoodThis morning we met with Robert Roach from Southwark’s parks department. His official title is Contract and Services Manager and he’s our main contact at Southwark for the maintenance of the park.

There was a lot to discuss and we both came away with a long list of action points:

  1. cut the hedges up near the adventure playground as we do not have the correct equipment
  2. chop up the tree that came down in the wood so we can use the logs for edging
  3. re-write a new management plan
  4. mend the broken sign in the “wild area”
  5. Getting the perennial plants we asked for 3 years ago to plant behind the noticeboard
  6. re-do the triangular wildflower meadow at the top of the steps
  7. make the play area safe by filling in where the logs have rotten away
  8. mend the path through the orchard
  9. the verge along the edge of the wood and the housing land was not mown at all in 2017 and it will be in 2018. This should make our hedging more noticeable and less likely to be cut down.
  10. The chestnut fencing protecting the hedge from the mowers is falling over and looks messy so the council will put it back up properly
  11. the dry hedge is a bit of a mess along the edge with Sainsburys so we need to sort that out ourselves
  12. the young tree planted a year or so ago at the back of the park needs some TLC
  13. the herb bed needs weeding and more plants
  14. lamps currently not working making it v dark

Looks like we’ve got a busy year ahead of us!


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