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Autumn work day 2017

We had a very well-attended work day today in Dog Kennel Hill Open Space. Fifteen volunteers came along and gave their time to help pick litter, attach notices to the orchard trees, edge the path in the wood with new logs and rake leaves. We spent about 2 hours in the park and wood and it made a huge difference. It now means that people can walk through the wood without battling through huge piles of leaves. We also mended the drain which had been pulled out of its recess… hopefully it will remain where it is meant to be!

A litter pick in an urban wood is never dull and we found: a motorbike helmet, a briefcase of DVDs and most excitingly of all… a safe that had been angle-ground open (no cash left inside alas).

Many thanks to everyone who came, especially all of those new faces.

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