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Bulbs planted in new glade
DKH Wood in 2020?!

Today we planted some woodland bulbs in the new glade that we have created in Dog Kennel Hill Wood. We ordered them from who specialise in British wild flowers. We selected bulbs that should do OK in a woodland setting:

  • 25 wild ransoms
  • 25 English bluebells
  • 25 wood anenome
  • 25 winter aconite
  • 25 single snowdrops

The snowdrops will be sent “in the green” in January 2017 as they are more likely to survive this way rather than putting in bulbs.

We had to weed the glade again to clear the area of cow parsley, nettles and ivy. No doubt it will all come back eventually but at least it should give the bulbs a head start.

We had wanted to order some wood sorrel too but they had run out. We’ll put this on a wishlist for another time.

Funding for this project came from donations at the Gaumont Film Night. Many thanks to everyone who gave so generously.

** UPDATE ** March 2017

The “in the green” snowdrops arrived, were planted in Jan and flowered. Let’s hope they come back next year. The winter aconites also flowered and looked beautiful with their yellow flowers amongst the leaf litter.

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