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Autumn 2016 Work Day

Six volunteers came armed with bin bags, litter pickers and secateurs today. Our main tasks were to tame the hedge up near the adventure playground and make it less straggly and easier to walk past, a final cut of the last third of meadow and some litter picking. It’s always amazing how much litter can accumulate, even though we have a regular Southwark litter picker in the grassy area. The hedge trimmings were placed in the dry hedge, which is need of some TLC. And the meadow arisings have been left in the meadow for a week or two to allow the seeds to drop and disperse.

We also removed the rubber rings around the orchard trees that were binding the tree to the stakes – many of these were just too tight and no longer needed. Some of the cages around the trees have also been removed and we hope that no dogs (or owners!) will snap them now that they are exposed. The medlar tree is a bit wonky and needs a new stake to pull it back upright.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came and lent a hand.

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