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Summer 2015 in Dog Kennel Hill Wood

Things are ticking along nicely in Dog Kennel Hill Wood this Summer. Our volunteer Stephen has been busy scything the meadow. This year he did it in a few different sections and left some of the wormwood and mugwort that hadn’t yet set seed. Spotted in and around the wood this year:

  • chicory
  • puffballs in a fairy ring
  • plums fruiting in the wood itself
  • quinces in the orchard that  miraculously have not been prematurely picked
  • burdock
  • selfheal
  • field scabious
  • hawkweed

to name a few.

Work began inside the wood to create a new glade by clearing some of the cow parsley and nettle to reveal the floor. We will see if the cow parsley comes back and try to keep it to a minimum and have plans to plant native flowers in here.

recently a tree came down in the wood and blocked the path. This has now been cleared so that the path is open and we have used the logs to edge more of the path within the wood.

This time last year was our first major event in the park: Gaumont Comes Home. This year we ended the Camberwell Arts Festival with a screening of some of the films in St Giles’ church in Camberwell. And on 3rd September this year we will be opening the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival at the Ivy House. It’s free in so come along, doors open at 7.

We will have a volunteer day in the wood coming up and hope to clear some of the weeds that are strangling the hedge down the side that borders the housing estate. Do get in touch if you would like to be involved.


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