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Green Dale Update

The Green Dale fields are seeing a flurry of interest recently having been the subject of a proposed development,  in local newspapers several weeks running, spawning two online consultations and initiating a new Friends group… all of this at the height of blackberry season!

For anyone who has not kept up to date with the activity, below is a list of essential reading and info:

Hadley Property Group

Current owners of the Dulwich Hamlet Football Club grounds, but not the club itself.They have proposed a plan to build (flats?) on the current stadium and build a new stadium on the existing artificial pitch area that is part of the Green Dale Fields Metropolitan Open Land. No mention of the fact that the existing artificial pitch is much smaller than the stadium would need to be so some encroachment onto the wild areas of the Green Dale fields would be necessary. Possibility of “improving” the fields somehow, though no clear proposal on what this entails. Public exhibition held at the DHFC on 19th July. Presentation boards available online:

Feedback encouraged to

Dulwich Hamlet FC

This football club has been located near Champion Hill for over a hundred years. Features in the Gaumont films of 1904 – 1912. Not owned by Hadley.. yet… but they have a 2-year exclusive right to buy. DHFC lease the entire Green Dale from Southwark Council. Their lease is up for automatic renewal in 2015. Has a supporter’s Trust: and www. who are currently gaining views about what type of facilities the possible new stadium should have in order for it to be a successful venture: DHFC have seen some tricky times in recent years with dodgy moeny siphoning and various scams, resulting in them losing money and getting into debt. Hadley have been paying off these debts.

Southwark Council

Southwark council own the freehold of the Green Dale fields, including the artifical pitch. It is all designated Metropolitan Open Land, which has a similar status as Green belt. They lease all of it to Dulwich Hamlet FC and have done for the last 15 years or so. There have been murmerings of the council taking the lease back from DHFC. The council have recently put up some proposals for their ideas of how Green Dale could be turned into a local nature park. All details here:

Their online consultation finishes on 24th August and on 16th August 11am – 4pm  there will be council representatives in DKH Open Space to discuss proposals with residents. All ideas up for grabs so important to get local feedback.

Friends of Greendale

In view of all of the above, a newly-formed Friends of Green Dale group has been formed: All news, documents and history is up there to read. If you feel strongly about Green Dale’s future and agree with their objective :

To protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment of Green Dale, Southwark, London, for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Then please join the Friends of Green Dale.




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