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New trees in the park

This was a busy week for tree planting in the wood. The council tree department kindly gave us an Alder tree to replace the poplar that fell in the storm. It’s not been planted exactly where we’d hoped but it’s lovely to receive a replacement.

We also received four fruit trees as a donation from Prem Goyal. These have been planted in the orchard area behind the existing, vandalised trees. We hope that the front row will act as decoys and therefore the back row will be left to grow in peace!

The new fruit trees are as follows:
Service berry Robin Hill 6/8 standard
Beurre Hardy Pear:1/2 std
Oullins Golden Gage Plum:1/2 std
Merton Glory Cherry:1/2 std

After the rain and some watering they have already started to blossom. Fingers crossed!

1 thought on “New trees in the park”

  1. Great to get such support for our little park (open space) from Prem Goyal. He has been to look at the trees and looks forward to a visit to look at the fruit.

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