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Storm hits DKH Wood

Last night’s storm hit the South East hard with winds of about 80mph recorded. Miraculously DKH Wood suffered very little damage. One sycamore has come down along the side of the wood that leads to greendale. This large tree is now resting on the top of the fence around the wood, blocking the pathway. The base of the tree looks as though it were rotten. One dead silver birch has also come down in the wood, which is a shame as it was covered in ivy (very good for birds) and standing dead wood is loved by woodpeckers. Apart from this, there were a few branches lying around but nothing too destructive. We have been very lucky compared to some other parks in London.

Click for bigger pictures:

281013a 281013c 281013b  281013e  281013d  281013h 281013g281013f

**UPDATE 1st November**

The tree has been chopped up into bits by the council

011113b 011113a


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