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AGM 17 Oct 2013

not our agm
Not our AGM

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood. It took place in the conservatory of the Fox on the Hill pub. Seventeen people turned up – two were new faces who have yet to decide if they want to join and one was Pippa Krishnan from the council.






Items up for discussion were:

  • installation of a pond
  • cutting of the wildflower meadow
  • dead willow dome
  • burnt table top
  • removal of holm oaks
  • mulching of the woodland trust trees
  • replacement of 3 fruit trees in the orchard corridor (due to vandalism)
  • dilapidation of bug hotels
  • the new park sign
  • the dead saplings
  • bulb planting
  • litter picking
  • bird counting
  • bat surveying
  • film night
  • Dawn Chorus CD
  • Camberwell orchard demolition
  • Christmas drinks!

We managed to get through everything (pretty) amicably and some fine ales were drunk too.

All in all a very successful night and many thanks to those who attended.


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