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Re-seeding of the Wildflower Meadow

After the Spring Walk  a few dedicated souls showed up to help re-seed the wildflower meadow. The council had mown it earlier in the week so that we could spread some flower seeds around. It became clear that just chucking seeds on the dense grass that had grown since last year was not going to work.

So we decided to make a few islands of bare earth, scatter seeds and see what happened. We were not feeling very optimistic as the grass was hard to clear and the wildlflower seeds we had bought from the pound shop looked dubious to say the least.

Still, it was worth a go and we scattered the following:

  • poppies
  • sunflowers
  • pound shop wildlflower mix for bees
  • RSPB wildflower mix (sent to us free)
  • phacelia

We also did our best to remove as many thistles and docks as we could find – we filled a couple of bin bags!

Now we just need to sit back and see what happens…

Hard workers #1
Hard workers #2
Time for a chat
Let’s hope it works!
Weeds and roots
Weeds and roots

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