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Litter Picking

Today saw another successful litter pick by the Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood. We spread out and took an area each. There was not much litter this time in the wood itself but in the wild “natural” area there was loads and loads of Sainsbury’s originated litter: carrier bags, branded cartons, wrappings of all sorts, tin cans etc etc. We bagged up about 5 large bin bags full of rubbish. There was also some larger pieces that we could not shift so for the time being they remain there: large metal frames from something, parts of a car, large pieces of wood (that looked useful as an animal shelter). It was a gloriously warm day and at last the buds were out and the flowers making themselves known.

The area by the Sainsburys ramp was strewn with litter. We are pretty sure this is an area that Sainsburys should be cleaning up themselves as it is next to the shop. We picked up what we could reach but it is inaccessible from the path unless you climb the low wall.

Many thanks to the members of the Friends group who turned up to lend a hand.

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