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Hungry Birds

This year we missed doing the RSPB Winter bird count. However there have been more birds then ever before spotted in and around the wood. Local bird feeders have reported the following impressive list:

  • 2 spotted woodpecker
  • 9 sparrows
  • 3 long tailed tits
  • 1 wren
  • 2 goldfinches
  • 1 greenfinch
  • 2 chaffinches
  • 2 robins
  • 4 black birds
  • parakeets
  • 4 blue tits
  • 6 great tits
  • 6 coal tits
  • 2 collared doves
  • 2 wood pigeons
  • 8 pigeons
  • 2 magpies

Admittedly these weren’t spotted in one hour (unlike the RSPB bird count) but these are quantities of birds spotted simultaneously over the Winter months.

All of these birds have been feeding furiously and as the Winter continues it’s important to continue to feed the birds. If you use fat balls, please remember to remove the netting that they come in  as small birds can amputate their feet in this nasty stuff.

If you are a bird feeder, please take 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire for local ornithologist Dave Clark (who will be leading a Spring Walk on the 20th April):
Anyone over the age of 16 and who lives in the UK can fill it in and contribute to the research he is doing for his MSc in ornithology at Birmingham University.


2 thoughts on “Hungry Birds”

  1. I saw a Green woodpecker (male) at the Greendale couple of weeks ago fantastic looking bird furnishing for worms and ants……….great in flight as well

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