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Second Bulb Planting

Bluebell bulbs

The friends of DKH Wood met today to do a second round of bulb planting in and around the wood. Lots of people showed up and there were a couple of new faces that came to offer their support.

Last year we planted winter aconites,wood anenomes and wild garlic. This year we planted 100 native English bluebells and 100 lesser celandines to make a carpet of colour in the wood.

Native bluebells in Britain are undergoing a battle for survival as they are being squeezed out by an agressive hybrid of English and Spanish bluebells. This is worrying for conservationists as UK woodlands hold the world’s best reserve of bluebells. The hybrid flower can easily take over a wood and there is concern that over time our native bluebells will be lost forever, along with their disctinct appearance. For more information have a read on the BBC news website.

Lesser celandines are low-growing plants with flowers like buttercups. In gardens they can spread like a weed but hopefully in the wood they will bring some colour to the under storey and attract much-needed insects.

Planting bulbs in DKH Wood

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