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Lights not working

It seems as if the lights in the park have stopped working. This was noticed about two weeks ago and they haven’t come back on since. It has been reported to the council. Let’s hope the bats are enjoying the dark!

UPDATE 22 Aug 2012: It turns out that somebody managed to open the feeder pillar and switch the lights off from there! If anyone notices any suspicious activity or if the lights go off again, please let us know.

UPDATE 2 Oct 2012: Since the last update, only 1 lamp has been working… the council now know

UPDATE 10 Oct 2012: The council lighting dept say they have fixed the lights

UPDATE 12 Oct 2012: Looks as if there is still only 1 lamp working but this time it’s a different one!

UPDATE 15 Oct 2012: The Lighting Department says somebody has been messing with the lamp post’s feeder pillar, and have been switching off the lights. They have now attached a padlock which should stop them.

UPDATE 15 Oct 2012: All lights are now working.

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