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Update 6th July 2012: Information Board

Part of the recent work in the wood was to install an information board. This would be the kind of board that holds permanent information about DKH Open Space (as opposed to a noticeboard with changing local information).

The picture here is an example of the kind of thing it might be.

Pippa at the council has asked for our views on what should be included on the information board. Please email her with any suggestions:

Suggestions so far include:

  • Information about dead wood and stag beetles As they are protected and live in the wood it might be nice to tell people about this and why the dead wood is so important
  • birdlife around the park including: woodpeckers, wrens,  long-tailed tits, great titsand bluetits, parakeets, goldfinches etc. Illustrations might be nice
  • trees in the park, again with illustrations: poplars, oaks, sycamores, chestnuts
  • cow parsley
  • council contact info for anyone wanting to report problems / find out more about the area

Please email Pippa with your suggestions or add a comment to this article at the bottom of the page and it will be passed on.

**UPDATE 6th July 2012**
The designs for the notice board have been drawn up. Any comments should be sent to Pippa by Wednesday 18th July 2012.

(originally posted on 19th May 2011)

1 thought on “Update 6th July 2012: Information Board”

  1. I’m not 100% sure that parakeets are actually outcompeting the native bird population.. there’s some discussion about what their effect is. Also it might be nice to have some cow parsley on the board as it is so abundant in the wood.

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