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Volunteer Day 2

Today was the second council-run volunteer day in the park. Work began at 10am and finished at 2pm. Pippa Krishnan and a team from the London Wildlife Trust conservation services were in the park. Unfortunately only three volunteers turned up (all of them are members of the Friends!).

Tasks included planting native hedges (mainly field maple, hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn) along the edges of the park. There were a few leftover whips which made it into the hedge along the edge of the wood.

A delivery of native flower plugs was also meant to be planted next to the stairs that lead to the estate. Unfortunately there was a muddle-up with the address and this didn’t arrive. Hopefully these are now not lost forever!

Pippa had provided some delicious sandwhiches and it was good to meet some LWT and council staff who have been working to improve the park.

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