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New Plans for DKH Open Space

Pippa Krishnan at the council has been working with the London Wildlife Trust following on from her consultation earlier this year. There is now a further £55,000 budget to spend on DKH Open Space.

The following documents have been emailed round and put up in the park:

Site Survey
This map shows the park how it is now, and highlights the areas where the council thinks some work is required.
Download the site survey

Proposed Plan
This map shows what changes are planned, advised by the results of the consultation questionnaire, and discussions with the council’s Ecology Officer and Parks Officers.
Download the proposed plan

Extra Information
Pictures of some of the features that are in the plan.
Download the extra information

Pippa has asked people to email her any comments by Friday 6th January 2012. Her email address is:

Please do let her know as after this date they will be asking comapnies to quote for the work and it will be too late to make any changes to the propsed plans.

1 thought on “New Plans for DKH Open Space”

  1. The plans for the wood have now been revised and are available around the edge of the park attached to the fence. I spoke to Pippa last week and they have now asked for contractors to quote for replacing the old fence with a new, metal railling-type fence that will be painted dark green so it blends in.

    Some of the fruit trees will need to be moved and re-planted in order for the desire line across the park to be re-surfaced. This will now be done in some kind of resin/gravel material and should be waterproof. This should put an end to the desire lines being created (3 now and counting).

    Part of the fence will be removed where it borders the park (not the wood) and a native hedge will be planted here. There will be some kind of play area for children in one corner. And she has assured me that the removal of rubble from the Green Dale path side of thewood will be included in the brief for contractors.

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