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International Dawn Chorus Day

It turns out that 1st May 2011 was International Dawn Chrous Day. People around the world were organising events, getting up at 4am and walking round to hear the birds.

I only found out about it a day later when, by complete coincidence, a friend came round with his recording equipment to record the dawn chorus in Dog Kennel Hill Wood. The birds put in a good performance and the plan is to upload the recording to the website so everyone can listen. The files need a bit of work to get them web-ready so it might take a little while.

Next year it would be nice to organise a proper event.

** UPDATE OCT 2013 **

The Dawn Chorus recording is now available to buy for only £5. It was too large to put up on the website! All proceeds go back into the wood. Please get in touch if you would like to buy one. More info here »

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