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RSPB Bird Count Winter 2011

The Friends took part in the RSPB bird count on Saturday 29th January 2011 between 11.40 and 12.40. We counted fewer birds than in the Summer but we saw some different species:

Blackbird Coal Tit Parakeet RobinRock Dove (aka Pigeon)MagpieWood PigeonWrenBlackcapCrowGreat titChaffinch

The final count was:

  • 2 parakeets
  • 2 blackbirds
  • 2 magpies
  • 2 blackcaps (we think!)
  • 1 robin
  • 1 wood pigeon
  • 4 rock doves (pigeons)
  • 1 wren
  • 1 chaffinch
  • 2 crows
  • 4 great tits
  • 4 coal tits

The blue tits didn’t make an appearance on the day but they’ve been spotted around the wood since.

This winter has been hard for birds so we hope the count isn’t lower because of this. It will be interesting to compare this count with next year’s once the work in the wood has been completed and the bird boxes are up.

(illustrations courtesy of the RSPB website)

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