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Green Dale

Green Dale in South Camberwell is in danger of being built on. It is Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) which should afford it a protection as high as Green Belt. DKH Wood is the nearest piece of MOL to Green Dale and any planning applications to build there are a direct threat to the protected status that DKH Wood has as it could set a precedent. We are therefore opposed to the current plan to build a stadium on Green Dale.

Greendale Property Ltd are now appealing to the Planning Inspectorate over their two planning applications for Green Dale. Their first appeal relates to the fact that Southwark council have still not made a decision about their application to build a stadium on Green Dale and 155 flats on the current stadium. The reference for this appeal is: APP/A5840/W/16/3164823. Their second appeal is against the council’s decision to reject their application to remove the restrictive covenants on the stadium land. The reference for this appeal is: APP/A5840/Q/16/3166766.

More information on these two appeals is available on our website.

We want the football fans, the local residents, the NIMBYs and the eco-warriors to have access to as much information as possible about the plans and their history so that everyone has a chance to make informed decisions. Please read as much documentation as you can and respond to the planning application. The consultation dates and details will be announced soon.

This section is not complete and any suggestions or omissions, please get in touch. It will be added to over time so please check back.