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Midnight Fence Fixer

Posted on 2nd February, 2011 in Events | News (0 Comments)

The hole in the fence to the wood that appeared a couple of weeks ago was fixed the other night. Luckily there had been no damage to the fence, it was simply missing a couple of bolts. I managed to pull the flap back over and slip a couple of shiny new nuts through the … Read more »

Work Has Begun

Posted on 31st January, 2011 in News (0 Comments)

Work has finally begun in the wood. People from Charles Stephen’s landscapers were seen in the wood this morning clearing undergrowth. By the end of the day the route of the path had been dug out. The work is expected to last about three weeks and should be completed by the end of February. All … Read more »

Rubbish Collection

Posted on 30th January, 2011 in Events | News (0 Comments)
Rubbish Collection

Four members of the Friends group collected rubbish in the wood at the weekend. There was a surprising amount of an old Austin car buried about the place. The friend’s volunteers filled ten large bags with general rubbish and recycling.

RSPB Bird Count Winter 2011

Posted on 29th January, 2011 in News | Wildlife (0 Comments)
RSPB Bird Count Winter 2011

The Friends took part in the RSPB bird count on Saturday 29th January 2011 between 11.40 and 12.40. We counted fewer birds than in the Summer but we saw some different species: The final count was: 2 parakeets 2 blackbirds 2 magpies 2 blackcaps (we think!) 1 robin 1 wood pigeon 4 rock doves (pigeons) … Read more »

Harriet Harman Visits the Wood

Posted on 25th June, 2010 in Events | News (0 Comments)
Harriet Harman Visits the Wood

Harriet Harman, our local MP and leader of the Opposition met members of the Friends of DKH Wood today. She asked to be shown around and we explained some of the issues including the threat to cut the wood down and the pathway through the fence. She was very supportive and asked us to keep … Read more »