Working to protect and promote Dog Kennel Hill Wood in South London
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Around the 29th October 2015 a lot of chainsaw activity was heard near the wood but unfortunately not acted upon. A few weeks later some members were moving the meadow cuttings into the edge of the wood when they noticed about 10 maturing trees had been completely cut down within the wood. Every tree was along the … Read more »

Things are ticking along nicely in Dog Kennel Hill Wood this Summer. Our volunteer Stephen has been busy scything the meadow. This year he did it in a few different sections and left some of the wormwood and mugwort that hadn’t yet set seed. Spotted in and around the wood this year: chicory puffballs in a … Read more »

An Audio Walk in the Park

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Here’s a sound recording of leaving the house, walking round the wood and park and returning to the house. Recorded on 5th March 2015. Some handling and wind noise as just working out the kit and didn’t have a wind cover for the microphone! Only lasts 5 minutes. Can you tell the route that was … Read more »

Spring Work Day 2015 – Weeding the Hedge

This morning we tackled the weeds that were engulfing the hedge that runs alongside the adventure playground. A section had been weeded before and this had had a huge impact on the hedge which is now very bushy and healthy. The area we weeded today was being smothered mainly by cow parsley but also there were … Read more »

Taking That Closer Look

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Taking That Closer Look

By Stephen Govier Walking through Green Dale this Saturday on the annual wildlife walk led by the London Wildlife Trust some identification of plants took place. At one stage a tufted grass was called out as “Meadow foxtail” and that is exactly what you would expect to find in a meadow flowering at this time of year. … Read more »