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RSPB Winter Bird Count 2012

Posted on 28th January, 2012 in Events | News | Wildlife

Several members of the Friends took part in the RSPB winter bird count this morning. We covered an hour from 10.30am until 11.30am.

Our final count was:

  • 1 great spotted woodpecker
  • 3 blackbirds
  • 3 blue tits
  • 4 coal tits
  • 13 feral pigeons
  • 3 house sparrows
  • 3 magpies
  • 1 robin
  • 2 starlings
  • 4 wood pigeons
  • 2 wrens
  • 2 parakeets

Apparently, because the Winter has been mild so far, there are less birds from the Countryside coming into the cities to feed.

We were pleased to finally see the woodpecker on the day of a bird count!

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